We specialize in working with tour operators. Complete confidentiality and the non-transfer of your clients to other parties is guaranteed by our agreement with you.

Application processing time: By WhatsApp / Viber: 5 — 30 minutes, by email: 10 — 50 minutes, depending on the complexity.

Choice of the personnel: All services are provided exclusively by the staff and the transport of our company. If most cases you will have a chance to choose personnel according to your criteria: For example, knowledge or lack of knowledge of Russian language, just a chauffeur or a chauffeur-guide, etc. Our chauffeurs speak the following languages: German (all), English (all), Russian, Arabic, French.

Reliability of our services: In order to avoid mistakes, we always try to use written communication with the customer on WhatsApp, etc. Chauffeurs double-check whether the order data is correct (flight number, date, arrival time, airport, number of guests, baggage volume, age of children, required child seats, additional requests, etc.), as well as send us an update report about the order progress.

(During the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting held in 2017 in Baden-Baden, our company was entitled to provide service to the representatives of Germany, the United States of America, as well as to the organizers of the meeting).

Pricing: All transport and personnel belongs to the Medical Center of Baden-Baden ( We use modern means of communication and don’t have any office expenses. All these allow us to offer the lowest prices using the latest Mercedes vehicles and highly paid professional chauffeurs. If within 10 days after providing our services you find anywhere lower prices for the same level of service, we will return you the difference in costs within 5 days.

Coverage area: We are located in Baden-Baden, but regularly receive orders to serve important meetings in other towns and cities of the region, for example, in Strasbourg (France), Frankfurt am Main, and others. There is a demand for our concierge service as well as for the certified translators and guides.


How to book a transfer

Details of the route. Let us know the time, the exact address of the points of departure and arrival, as well as the flight number, if you order a transfer from the airport. We will agree with you the time of departure to the airport, taking into account traffic jams and construction works on the roads. Let us know the name, surname and contact phone numbers.

Payment terms. We do not charge you at the time of booking. Only after receiving from us a written confirmation of the order acceptance, it will be necessary to make partial or full down payment. Terms of payment depend on the timing of the transfer, the distance of the trip, as well as on the class of the car. We will definitely find a payment method convenient for you.

Payment Methods. — Payment by bank transfer to Alpha Medical GbR current account; — Full cash payment to the chauffeur (not in all cases); — PayPal payment (payment / prepayment, urgent orders). — Credit cards: VISA / MasterCard (not in all cases)

Voucher. After making the payment, you will receive from us a voucher, which will display all details of the trip, as well as an emergency telephone numbers. Please print the voucher and keep it with you during the whole time of the transfer. The chauffeur can contact you to arrange a meeting. Keep your mobile phone switched on. Make sure you take with you the same mobile phone, as indicated in the voucher. The chauffeur will be holding a sign with your name on it. Do not worry about the language barrier.

Order cancelation or amendment. If you cancel the order no later than 48 hours before the start of the trip, we will return you within 3-5 business days a full amount payed to us. If you cancel the order from 48 to 24 hours before the start of the trip, we will charge you 25% of the cost of the transfer, for cancelation from 24 hours or less we will charge from 50 to 100% of the transfer cost, depending where the car should be delivered. We ask you to inform us in advance about change of time, address or flight number. In these cases you should contact us preferably by email, or, alternatively, by phone on the numbers listed on the web-site.

Late arrival: The included in the price of the transfer chauffeur’s waiting time at the airport is up to 50 minutes from the moment of landing. Waiting at the hotel is up to 20 minutes beyond the time specified in the voucher. After this time, an extra fee in the amount of 30 to 60 € per hour can be charged, depending on the class of the car.


Meeting the chauffeur

Meeting at the airport. The chauffeur meets you at the exit of the arrival area after receiving the baggage. In case of a flight delay, the chauffeur will track the time of arrival.

In case of a delay in customs clearance or in case if you have not met the chauffeur at the airport, you should immediately contact the chauffeur by phone indicated in the voucher or the operator by phone +4915783 777 770 / +4917681 444 444. Please specify the airport of arrival.

Meeting at the hotel. The chauffeur will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby. It will help to load the luggage and drive you to the destination address. Please indicate the full name and address of the hotel. The waiting time at the hotel, included in the price of the transfer, is 20 minutes. The chauffeur will be holding a sign with your name on it.


Terms of transfer

Transfer. The Black Forest Travel Company (Alpha Medical GbR) acts as an organizer and provider of the transfer, monitoring its implementation from the point of departure to the destination point. Transportation is carried out by the vehicle of your choice, the type of the car should suit to the number of passengers and luggage. Please specify the exact addresses of the departure and destination points. This can be an airport, a seaport, a railway station, a bus station, a hotel or another address. The chauffeur will be waiting for you at the point of departure, holding a sign with your name on it.

Luggage. The amount of luggage must match the size of the luggage compartment of the ordered car. Otherwise, the company is not responsible for the completion of the transfer. The luggage cannot be put to the passenger compartment!

Limitations. Without a prior approval, during the transfer there are no breaks for lunch, visiting shops or sightseeing. It is not allowed to drink alcohol and smoke in the car. In case of violation of these rules, the chauffeur has the right to suspend the transfer. Transportation of more passengers than the capacity of the car is not allowed. In this case, the chauffeur has the right to suspend the transfer.

Flight delay. In the event of a flight delay, the chauffeur tracks the landing of the aircraft by flight number. If the transfer cannot be completed due to a long delay, the chauffeur will inform the customer about this. However, in most cases we will make every effort to complete the order.

Cancelation from our side. The transfer may be canceled by us for the following reasons: The number of passengers does not match the capacity of the ordered car; The amount of luggage does not match the size of the luggage compartment of the ordered car; The desired route is different from the specified one at the time of booking.

Other. The client for the same price may be provided with a higher class of the car than specified in the voucher.