The charm of the Belle Époque: A sightseeing walking tour to the historic center of Baden-Baden with a duration of 2.5 - 3 hours, starting with a visit to the casino

The Kurhaus complex and the historic Baden-Baden casino, in which the magnificent count Leo Tolstoy lost all his money. Thermae of Caracalla and the Roman-Irish Bath Friedrichsbad. The old Roman quarter and the ruins of the soldier’s Roman baths of the 3rd century, the Stiftskirche on the Market Square and the historical tombstones of the Baden margraves. The famous Lichtental Alley, so beloved by Ivan Turgenev and Saltykov-Shchedrin. The ancient Cistercian nunnery founded in 1245 by Countess Irmengard of Baden and the historical ruins of the Hohenbaden Castle from the beginning of the 11th century (the "cradle" of the Baden margraves) and much more ...

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