Hohenzollern Castle

Those who know the name Hohenzollern will immediately remember about Berlin, Potsdam: about Prussia, located on the Baltic Sea, and will be absolutely right. But it turns out, not really. The famous dynasty, whose representatives in the 19th and 20th centuries even became Kaisers of the united by them from many kingdoms and duchies German Empire, comes from here, from Schwabenland!

Founded in the 11th century, at that time still common with the Württemberg family seat, was twice destroyed and for the third time in the 19th century restored in the Neo-Gothic style. Now the castle is living a new life.

Now the owner of the castle is the young Prussian Prince Georg Friedrich von Hohenzollern. As the head of the Hohenzollern House, he officially bears the title of "His Imperial and Royal Highness." His family already has four children, i.e. the dynasty has a future.

The breathtaking, almost thousand-year history of the dynasty is reflected in its motto: “From the cliff to the sea!”, which we read at the gates of the fortress. This motto, which appeared already in the 19th century, states the fact: Yes, from here, in various , such as by getting married, by war, or, as during the reformation, by changing a religious denomination, the Hohenzollern increased their holdings from one generation to another generation. Martin Luther, who was an opponent of Catholicism, gained such popularity among the highest nobility because he called for the "privatization" of church property. Then, 500 years ago, one of the Hohenzollerns was the head of the Catholic German Teutonic Order (Deutsche Orden). The Grand Master of the Teutonic Order was not at a loss and "privatized" with the right to inherit an entire state: Prussia, conquered by the Order and belonging to him. But there is a Catholic, Protestant, and even an Orthodox chapel in the fortress!

The wife of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I, whom Pushkin called the "White Rose", was a nee Prussian princess; her sibling restored this fortress, and her portrait can be seen here. You will first admire from below the beautiful silhouette of the fortress against the backdrop of clouds. Then, you will enjoy the amazing views from a 900-meter high hill and magnificent neo-Gothic interiors of the castle. You can relax and have a meal here in the castle restaurant, or have a snack in the fresh air. It is very interesting place for both children and adults. It is not surprising that the fortress is crowded by tourists at any time of the year. Alexandra Zvyagolskaya

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