Swiss Riviera: Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux and Gruyeres

Geneva is an ancient city in the center of Europe, whose name was given by Julius Caesar and which is called Protestant Rome. You will have an opportunity to stroll along the embankment of Lake Geneva, named after the snow-white peaks of Mont Blanc. Here on the promenade the beautiful Sissi, the Empress of Austria and the Queen of Hungary, was stabbed to death in 1898. You will see the 140m high Geneva Fountain and find out why it became a symbol of Geneva.

Vevey is charming in its tradition, beloved by the aristocracy and creative bohemian town. It is the birthplace of Swiss chocolate, the capital of the Nestle concern, the resting place of Charlie Chaplin. Here is the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Barbara, built at the personal expense of the Russian aristocrat Count Shuvalov .

Montreux is a cozy town famous for its healing microclimate and its proximity to the world famous La Prairie beauty clinic, annual jazz festivals and Christmas markets. Here, in the famous Montreux Palace Hotel, the writer Vladimir Nabokov lived until his death.

Chillon Castle - an impregnable medieval fortress, the most reliable residence of the Dukes of Savoy and a medieval prison, the pearl of the Swiss Riviera, the place of inprisonment of François de Bonivard, the Prisoner of Chillon, sung by Lord Byron.

A visit to the famous Swiss Cheese House " Gruyère " (with a tasting of cheese and the famous Gruyere Double Cream, as well as the count's estate and the Castle of Gruyères, including a movie about the history of the castle.

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