Lake Constance

Lake Constance is not a modest lake among mountains, which only helpfully reflects their dazzling grandeur - it is a freely stretched sea (the Swabian Sea), framed by the snowy Alps, like a naked nymph on a bed of white fur. Her necklace is tiny, constantly changing each other, like beads on a thread, towns whose glorious past inspires reverence, and the brilliant present does not make them doubt their future - Lindau, Friedrichshafen, Meersburg, Konstanz. The waters of Lake Constance wash the shores of three countries - Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The wonderful garden of the Mainau Island. In addition to all flowering plants and various compositions, you can see exotic plants, descriptions and legends of flowers. The island is almost never cold - this magical Lake Constance gives it the accumulated heat. The climate here is almost Mediterranean. That is why, from early spring to late autumn, you can admire here a variety of flowers and almost 500 species of exotic trees from relict sequoias, Nepalese cedars to Japanese sakura. The tulips bloom on Mainau Island in April - May, the rhododendrons in the early summer, 1200 aspects of roses of various tones, colors and shades bloom in summer, the dahlias - in September - October. Whole sculptures of flowers are located on the alleys, including the most interesting flower composition - a map of the Lake Constance. And, of course, it’s interesting to visit on the island a baroque knight's castle with a church and towers of old fortifications.

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