From Strasbourg to Colmar - Discover Central Alsace

Sightseeing tour “Strasbourg-Colmar” is ideal to get familiar with the central part of the unique region of France - Alsace.

It is difficult to demonstrate in one day all the beauties of nature and the features of culture and life, but we will try to surprise you with the variety of aspects of life in Alsace. So you will certainly wish to come here back again.

When planning the route, we can make different accents depending on your preferences: The majestic ruins of medieval castles, ancient abbeys with centuries of history, natural attractions, picturesque toylike towns and villages of the Alsace Wine Route, the gifts of winemaking and tasting of the famous Grand Cru Alsace, the nuances of gastronomy ...

We recommend to spend several hours or even a full day in Strasbourg. That’s why Strasbourg is not included in this tour. But we’ll definitely spend an hour or two in Colmar. On the road between Strasbourg and Colmar we will visit the beautiful Vosges Mountains, one or two medieval castles, taste local wines and enjoy the atmosphere of Alsatian villages, which have invariably retained their charm and hospitality for centuries.

This is a car tour is taking a full day.

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