The famous Alsace Wine Route

A unique wine tour on the medieval pilgrim road in Alsace (France), visiting the wine cellars of the rustic wineries in the 12th-13th centuries villages of Dambach-la-ville, Barr, Obernai and tasting of Alsatian wines directly from vigneron (these wines are not sold in supermarkets). Route des vins d'Alsace – the Alsace Wine Route is a unique route for connoisseurs of delicate aesthetic and exquisite gastronomic sensations: For 120 kilometers, starting in Marlenheim in the north and ending in Thann in the south, the Alsace Wine Route offers the best of what this ancient region has made throughout its long history. 9-th century medieval town Dambach-la-Ville / Ossuary with ancient relics of soldiers fallen during the Peasant War in Germany in 1525 / Bernstein Castle, tasting of unforgettable aromatic Alsatian wines at Monsieur Gilbert Beck (Domaine du Rempart-Maison Gilbert Beck).

The picturesque ridge of the Vosges Mountains, towering over a plain and dotted with vineyards with its own unique terroir; The ruins of ancient medieval castles and monasteries, Peasant farmsteads with subsistence farming, preserving to this day the atmosphere of traditional life of the Middle Ages.

The spiritual sacred mountain of Mont Saint-Odile at an altitude of 786 meters (pagan stone wall of the Celts / Ancient relics of the Merovingian kings / “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (“Hortus deliciarum”) - the famous medieval encyclopedia of the 12th century life of the Alsatian nun Herrad von Landsberg / The source of Mont Sainte-Odile, Franciscan convent.

Elegy fills your heart; Your speech goes to the exquisite Pushkin stanza when you step on the fabulous land of the famous Alsace, one of the most ancient regions of France.

The air filled with bliss and aromas of flowers and ripe herbs, the smooth rows of myriad of well-groomed by winemakers hands vines running away to the horizon. Impressive medieval ruins of monasteries and castles, frozen in dumb grandeur, like giant centuries-old guards, the famous Vosges Mountains, buried in a bluish haze.

Where else does the heart feel so calm and at the same time so majestic as in this land of ancient legends, centuries-old traditions of winemaking.

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